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On the KONNEXA yacht approx. 100 m of KNX® bus cable, 800 m of single core, 350 m of highly flexible special 230 V cable, 350 m of network and multimedia cable and 200 m of other types of cable and electric lines were installed. In five electrical distributions and six rooms all in all 91 KNX® devices of different manufacturers were installed as DIN rail-mounted devices as well as flush-mounted and on-wall that communicate via approx. 1,800 group addresses in the bus system (incl. NMEA).

Besides KNX® logic modules and KNX® routers a KNX® server captures and processes all information and visualizes it on a KNX® touch screen monitor and 4 other TV control panels via a HDMI matrix.

In addition to the usual 230 V electric circuit the onboard 12V circuit had to be extended considerably to permit the 12V/230V mixed operation typical onboard.

Especially the energy and load management for a secure supply via onshore power supply, battery stacks, power inverter and generator and their interaction was a real challenge but could be solved by means of KNX® in an intelligent way.

The completely new legal and safety-relevant requirements in seafaring and, thus, the enormous complexity of automation and installation as well as the high number of trades to be included made more than 2,000 hours of planning, testing and system integration necessary.