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KNX® features …

  1. Visualization server KNX® with touch screen and customer ports
  2. Connection of different trades NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, CAN to KNX® server
  3. System integration KNX® Volvo Penta, generator, inverter, Raymarine
  4. Central and peripheral LED light effects inside/outside, light scene control
  5. Energy and load management of consumers, history administration
  6. Maintenance management, motor management, Eco drive calculation
  7. Timer programmes, counter value capture, counter administration
  8. Room controller light and single room regulation heating/ventilation
  9. Media control multimedia, internet, video
  10. SMS, IP, voice data transfer, voice response/voice control
  11. Smoke and leakage detectors of all bilges
  12. Window and door monitoring, malfunction, operation and alarm messages
  13. Protection function against cold and heat, flap and valve control
  14. Weather station with data recording, limit value monitoring
  15. Presence simulation, video surveillance, alarm system
  16. Connection remote server eibmarkt®.de