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With KNX® you experience almost unlimited possibilities of application – from the alarm system over the regulation of heating, climate and ventilation up to multimedia, convenience and safety packages. Special importance was attached to alleged details. So, freely configurable dimming parameters are integrated depending on day/night operation as well as a KNX® touch cleaning control to detect operating errors. Safety-relevant data such as water invasion & locating information 

are immediately reported all over the ship by means of voice response.

If the maximum onshore power is exceeded, the KNX® current actuators and logic functions start immediate action (current inverter with own battery stack, generator etc.) to cover the energy requirements without blowing the onshore power supply fuse or switching off devices.

The operating mode “Sailing” is detected by the specially developed KNX® NMEA interface and, thus, eco modes for devices are made possible. This special interface permits countless other applications. For example, malfunction, alarm and operation messages of the nautical sensors or engines can be responded to in time.

All nautical ship data can be visualized and evaluated in the KNX® server for further calculation. Thus, monitoring consumer and engine data permit a KNX®-calculated and time-related eco drive (fastest and slowest eco drive) depending on wind, waves and load.