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KNX® intricacies – to the last detail…

As far as possible, the sophisticated lighting system is designed in a dimmable way using LED RGB technology. Sensors installed in the floor area activate specific scenes such as illuminating the way to the bathroom without glaring lights in night operation or the way to the exit in case of smoke and fire.

Weather warnings are executed via KNX® on the visualization touch screen and flush-mounted KNX® displays. The air pressure is monitored chronologically since a fast drop within a short time indicates a serious deterioration of the weather. A KNX® weather supplies further measured data for evaluation.

Using phenomenological criteria, the Beaufort scale for wind speeds of 1 – 12 Bft is displayed via KNX® based on the incoming weather station data directly on the KNX® server and is visualized on the connected control terminals in real time.