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The owner determines the degree of KNX® automation…

It is the owner who determines the degree of KNX® automation and the complexity of the functions on board! 

All automatic functions can be visualized individually on the touch screen, modified by a simple mouse click or influenced by manual and automatic functions, timer programmes and many more. A visualization PC or KNX® touch screen monitor is an important and wise feature. Here, a Touch from Pro Face was used that disposes of the relevant certifications with regard to the load types temperature, humidity, vibrations, EMC etc (CE, DNV) for the use in yachts. KNX® Presence detectors serve multiple purposes, from light control over day and night operation in different light scenes up to the operation of the alarm system.

Internet, multimedia as well as malfunction, operation and status messages are as selfevident as automatic smoke detectors and bilge monitoring with special KNX® compatible water sensors. For the surface design (KNX® sensor technology) the decision fell on a touch sensor module & RCD room controller made of stainless steel from the Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG.

It is not only the many different functions but also the elegant, timeless and appealing flat design with large touch areas that makes it ideal for yachts. The KNX® system was integrated parallel to the existing system and is completely independent, it can be switched on or off at any time.