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Intelligent and exclusive materials refine luxury yachts

After the successful integration of the automation technique EIB/KNX® in buildings of all kinds worldwide, we have entered further market sectors. We do not only equip Premium Caravans but also motor, hybrid and sailing yachts with our own worldwide standardized KNX® devices and applications. 

eibmarkt.com GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of the EIMBARKT GmbH Holding has, for the first time, fitted a sports yacht with KNX®. With its sports yacht KONNEXA 42, the company has earned the KNX award in the category “Special”. This prize is considered the highest award of the most intelligent and most extraordinary KNX® projects worldwide.

The KNX® on the KONNEXA 42 is not only used for comfortable light arrangements, room temperature regulation and media control, it is also responsible for monitoring functions, energy and load management, presence simulations etc.

As a special highlight the interfaces to the nautical on-board electronic system NMEA and the machine protocol CAN bus must be mentioned which permits visualization of all relevant ship data.