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High relevance of the review portals ...

Using the review sites displayed in the shop (Trusted Shops, eKomi) you can get the latest review of our performance. Here, different features are evaluated such as reliability, goods, delivery and customer service.

The review sites, particularly Trusted Shops, operate meanwhile according to very strict

regulations. Review sites are an integral part of professional web portals and are of the highest importance. There are many providers, in our opinion, however, two are particularly important: Trusted Shops and eKomi. Both systems capture customers‘opinions in a completely different way. 

High relevance of the review portals

Other than eKomi, where every opinion per order is captured, Trusted Shops evaluates only the last order if several orders have been placed under the same email address and integrates it in the evaluation profile. That means that the volume of evaluations does basically not give a statement about the average quality because each evaluation of e.g. 20 customers says more than that of two customers as long as both groups have entered 10 reviews.

Evaluation time is different for both systems, too. Trusted Shops includes only the last 12 months in its evaluation profile since a longer profile evaluation does not necessarily reflect the current quality level of a distributor. Meanwhile, many evaluation portals operate according to the stricter principle since it is assumed that Google and other important portals will include these quality criteria and quality differences in the future.