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International awards for eibmarkt ...

eibmarkt.com is known well beyond the borders as guarantor of reliability and competence. This has been confirmed in the last years by many national and international awards and certifications such as the USABILITY Award Top 5 or the WORLD KNX Award. For us, the customer is in the centre of our attention especially communication with you, our customers.

eibmarkt.com - TOP 5 Shop
Usability Award 2011!

Shop Usability Award eibmarkt.com TOP5 Shop 2011 in Germany! After a total of three months of preparation and application period, the Online Shops nominated for the Shop Usability Award 2011 have now been announced. Hundreds of premium shop systems have applied for the 4th Shop Usability Award 2011. The award goes to the most user-friendly online shop in the year 2011 in altogether 13 categories. eibmarkt.com is nominated for winner in the category „Household, Do it Yourself & Garden“ and, thus, is among the five best shop systems in Germany in this category.

We are very happy about this success since this is proof that, if nothing else, we are on the right way to customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the Shop Usability Award is one of the well-established awards in e-commerce. Since 2008 this trophy has been awarded yearly and we have already been able to achieve a TOP30 position. 

The panel of experts consists of well-known industry experts, Johannes Altmann of Shoplupe, Ulrich Hafenbradl of Trusted Shops, Dominik Grollmann, Chief Editor of Internet World Business, Stefan Lein of Google Germany, Kerstin Schiefelbein of Burda Living.Net, Michael Sittek of iclear, Christian Meyer, Chief Editor of ChannelPartner, Christian Riedel, Chief Editor of CHIP.de, Malte Feiler of econda, Peter Höschl of Shopanbieter.de, Kolja Hebenstreit of Team Europe Ventures, Michael Munz of Clover Venture


eibmarkt®.com GmbH - WINNER

We are extremely happy to announce that eibmarkt®.com GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the EIBMARKT GmbH Holding (www.eibmarkt.de), with their KNX® yacht project KONNEXA 42 has won the KNX® AWARD 2012 in the category "Special”. The offered prize is considered the highest award for excellent achievements in the most intelligent and most extraordinary KNX® projects worldwide in home and building technique which are leading in innovation and technical progress. In the year 2012 the prize was awarded for the ninth time. Uncountable projects from 48 countries took part and were examined by neutral experts of the KNX® world and the KNX® Association. The prize was awarded to the winners during the award ceremony of the KNX Award on Tuesday, 17 April 2012 at 18:30 in the „Forum“ building on the Light+Building fair grounds in Frankfurt on Main. eibmarkt®.com GmbH has prevailed in a competition against top-class projects from different continents.