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Every customer has his/her personal contact. This contact is named in the personal Customer Account after placing the order. You can communicate with your contact person every day via your Customer Account, by mail or phone. However, the Customer Account is the fastest and safest way. With only two clicks you always find a contact person even at the weekend and on holidays, 24 hours/day. This is a special service for our customers and stands for security and trust.

24h/365 service

Our staff is at your disposal in a variety of languages and answers every question within the shortest time. In the course of the day you receive an answer within a few minutes via your Customer Account. The Customer Account is an access on the shop website  eibabo.com and eibmarkt.com > Login. After successful login, you can select your order in the order history and use a very simple input mask to enter your question in pre-defined topics (delivery, complaint…) to your consultant. Our reply can virtually be viewed by you in your order history from any place in the world and, at the same time we send the reply to your mail address as soon as this has been created.