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Over our own trade platforms eibmarkt.com and eibabo.com we supply corporate and private customers in over 185 countries with more than 400,000 articles produced by more than 2,500 brand manufacturers. 

Thus, we run two of the largest trade platforms for electronic and electrical items worldwide. The items are checked permanently and updated live. More than 400 affiliate partners and database interfaces with all relevant portals worldwide help to guarantee the brand diversity of the Shops eibmarkt® und eibabo®. Thanks to our own computing centre we are able to deal with even comprehensive orders in a fully automatic way within 24 to 48 hours.

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eibabo® is a product of the latest generation of shop systems of the eibmarkt® group and a result of 20 years of mail-order experience. eibabo® allows you to place orders as a corporate or private customer. eibabo®  was developed in the last three years as part of the internationalization process, provides 14 languages and consists of one international shop and 20 country-specific shops with more than 20 methods of payment and approximately one million available articles. This project represented a very big challenge in all its areas, especially the IT connection with all its complex functions of store front, ERP system, logistics and supplier connection as well as presenting the range of articles in 14 languages. 

The overall project consisted of over 500 individual projects, which could only be managed by experienced project teams and long-term partners. In the medium term, we have many more plans for eibabo®, which will go beyond a simple shop system. You will be surprised. However, the current focus is finishing the internationalization process. eibabo® will be managed by the same eibmarkt.com GmbH team (call center, service, IT), that manages the already known store eibmarkt.com. This will guarantee the very high standards our customers are used to. 

Worldwide Online Trade