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Adapt the 360°/3D features in the tool box depending on your specific requirements. Each 360° view can be adjusted to the individual article. This can be done before the integration in the own website or later. In addition to 360°/3D basic functions such as automatic rotation, full screen mode, zoom up to the original size etc. an endless number of parameters can be integrated:

2D, 360°/3D Viewer Software
  1. Fullscreen 360°/3D
  2. Maximum Magnification – press the button to achieve maximum zoom into the image.
  3. Show/Hide Extended Navigation – Releases a separate navigation for the view.
  4. ClockProgress – This plug-in changes the design from a standard loading symbol into a clock-like %-display.
  5. History Back/Forward – When activated, two buttons are produced that allow the user to jump back and forward between two actions already carried out.
  6. Measure – Ruler function. By storing the respective dimensions of the image the user can measure the product with a virtual ruler.
  7. Print & Save – Activates two buttons. „Print“ permits to print the image that is currently viewed, „Save“ to store the image that is currently viewed.
  8. Color Adjustments – Permits the user to adjust brightness and color shades by means of scroll bars.
  9. Hot Spots – Activates possible Hot Spots to provide detailed views with separate images.
  10. Mouse Mode – Standard mouse functions. This plug-in releases the functions „zoom“, „move“, „rotate“ and „rotate by 360° “ in the status bar.
  11. Mouse Mode Select – Select mouse functions. This plug-in reduces the mouse functions to one button. As soon as this is confirmed, a small menu bar opens and displays the different functions. It is only the function that is currently active that is displayed in the status bar.
  12. Zoom Meter – By activating this plug-in, the user is able to view the precise position of the enlarged sector in the image.
  13. Magnifier Tool – The magnifier enlarges the spot in the image selected with the magnifying glass additionally up to a preselected size.
  14. Sound on/off – Loudspeakers on/off. The user can select this button to switch on and off music that might have been integrated.