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Robot-controlled product photography 2D, 360°/ 3D

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Everybody is talking about 3D - 3D television, 3D internet and 360° 3D product presentations, but what advantages does 360°/3D with its various faces really provide? Already today a static picture for product presentation is no longer sufficient to be commercially successful. 

Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 360° 3D presentations stand for a new dimension in product presentation. Thus, the customer is provided with a realistic and detailed image, can view the product from all sides and, even more important, the smallest detail. Zoom functions up to 800% let you almost touch the product as if you hold it in your hand. 360° 3D product photography is the future - there is no doubt about it. A must for medium-sized companies, groups, service providers and e-shops before their competitors use the advantage.

Robot-controlled product photography